Why 100 Men YEG Exists – 100 Men YEG

June 15, 2015

We received the following from Catherine Broomfield at iHuman Youth Society.   Reading the impact 100 Men YEG is providing to Edmonton Charities reconfirms why 100 Men YEG exists.

The Men of 100MenYEG are true HEROES to the youth of iHuman Youth Society.

In late December 2014, iHuman suffered a break-in that resulted in a loss of an estimated $17,000 in bus tickets, food gift cards, cash and other securities. Unknown to us, our insurance did not cover this level of loss. Enter100MenYEG!

iHuman was offered one of the three coveted charity spots at only the 2nd meeting of the brotherhood. Up against two other worthy organizations at the January 2015 meeting, we made our pitch about the need to replace this loss with the funds the gentlemen would donate. Evidently, 100MenYEG – like iHuman – “gives a damn” about the youth we serve. Thanks to the generosity of the men, iHuman was awarded over $15,000 that night! The proceeds received replaced 100% of the loss suffered from the break-in. $10,000 in food gift cards were purchased to more than replace the ones stolen and will be distributed to our young parents in our Woven Journey moms program. (And, we are in negotiations with the grocery chain to see if they will match or leverage the donation of 100MenYEG for an additional quanity of cards!). $4,500 was used to replace bus tickets which are an essential need for youth to safely navigate the city, attend programming at iHuman or other agencies, find housing and jobs or attend school. $500 was used to purchase a safe to secure against future losses, as well as to put a protective coating on external doors to shatterproof the glazing at iHuman’s current building.

Without the help of 100MenYEG, iHuman would have felt this loss in a significant way. The majority of the items stolen were donated to iHuman and therefore, replacing them with iHuman funds was simply not possible. Through the generosity of the men in the group iHuman can continue to advance its mission to support vulnerable youth through our caring, creative and authentic programs. We asked the 100MenYEG for their help and they responded with such generosity and love. Not only did we receive the money, we had numerous offers to help with security, insurance coverage and loss prevention. We had men volunteer their time to help us with other projects we are working on. And we have 140+ new champions who understand the work that we do to support vulnerable children and young people in our city.

As the thank you cards from youth to each of the 100Men said “Thanks for giving a damn!”. To each of the men, thank you for your generosity and compassion. Your gift of $100 helped make iHuman strong again after this loss. We needed you and you helped us. Your help saved iHuman youth from feeling the personal impact of the loss of these items. Thank you for giving a damn and we wish all of the gentlemen continued success so that you can share your hard earned cash with other charities. THANK YOU one and all!