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March 24, 2015


We are one month away from our 3rd 100 Men YEG Meeting on April 22, 2015 and we have received a timely blog post from one of our 100 Men members. Brad Ferguson of EEDC provides us with the following:

What Comes First?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? It was always a charming question growing up, and surely we have funded many scientists over the years to accurately conclude the debate.

But here’s another question: What comes first, creating wealth or making a contribution?

This question is worthy of some discussion, and one where the answer may start with, “It depends where you live.” Let’s explore … without the scientists for the time being.

Every city in the world has an Economic Community, a civic culture that comes in one of two different forms:

 1. A civic culture where people pursue economic wealth and then one day choose to make community contributions, primarily through financial means. Examples of this are typically found in cities like New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Dallas and Shanghai. The cities are blessed with incredible facilities, many of which are graced with the names of the lead donors who have often passed away.  or

2. A civic culture where a community rewards people economically for making a contribution, primarily through leadership means. Examples of this are typically found in cities like Melbourne, Boulder, Florence, Auckland and Edmonton. These cities are blessed with incredible sense of community, where leaders in operating roles step up and make a contribution, and where the community in return chooses to do business with those who make the contribution.

Funny, those cities in #2 are strangely listed in the rankings of best places to live and start a business.

So when I heard of 100 Men YEG, started last year by a handful of awesome young leaders, I jumped at the opportunity to encourage the next generation to come forward and start making a contribution at the same time as they are building their businesses. Since the inception of 100 Men YEG, two great things have happened:

1. 100 Men YEG (www.100menyeg.com) has created a community of well over 100 men (and women) that are making a difference to our community and that are further enhancing our great civic culture; and

2. Without trying, participants are meeting other like-minded community leaders who are becoming customers and suppliers and friends.

It’s a special thing about Edmonton … wealth creation comes as a result of community contribution, and rarely the other way around. Everyone is free to make a contribution in their own special way, but if you are looking for a fun, social, impactful, easy start … please join us at 100 Men YEG this quarter.

And it beats being the chicken … which has always come second.

Brad Ferguson, President & CEO

Edmonton Economic Development Corp.


Thanks Brad

100 Men YEG