U of A Alumni – 100 Men YEG

September 20, 2015

100 Men YEG Members,

A quick announcement and a big Thank You!

This coming week one of our founders will be honoured with a University of Alberta Alumni Award. On Thursday September 24th our usual meeting host – Cary Williams – will receive an Alumni Horizon Award. The Alumni Horizon Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of University of Alberta alumni early in their careers. While Cary has experienced a lot of success in his day job with an investment counsel firm, it is no small coincidence that he is being honoured the year after the launch of 100 Men YEG. Your tremendous support in improving our community through 100 Men YEG was clearly recognized by the Alumni Awards committee. On behalf of Cary and all the organizing committee at 100 Men YEG, thank you again for your support over the past year, and in the next.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon at the next meeting October 14. 2015

100 Men YEG