Tonight is the Fall Meeting for 100 Men YEG

October 14, 2015

Tonight is the night for our 5th 100 Men Who Give A Damn! – YEG meeting.

We have a packed agenda for tonight’s meeting that will provide lots of great information to all our members!

Let’s have as many members as possible at the meeting so this can be the night when we present a cheque for over $20K. That would be a BIG IMPACT for one of the charities.

Remember to bring a slightly used coat or sweater that has been hiding in the back of your closet not being used. These will be delivered to a shelter for the upcoming winter season.

Doors open at 5:30pm. Program starts at 6:30 to allow more time for those traveling to the event from work.

The Derrick Golf and Winter Club is hosting the meeting again for us.

Lots of parking is available. We look forward to seeing everyone tonight October 14, 2015. Don’t forget to bring your BLANK $100 cheque or money order or cash as well as any cheques belonging to buddies who are unable to make it. Remember, we will be voting on one charity but if you like any of the other charities feel free to bring more than one cheque as I know the 2 non-recipient charities would welcome any support that they receive as well.

If for some reason you cannot make this meeting, you MUST get your cheque to your buddy  or DONATE ONLINE

See you tonight,

100 Men YEG