Tonight is our Winter Meeting – Bell’s Lets Talk Day

January 25, 2017

Tonight is our Winter meeting for 100 Men YEG where we will hear from 3 great local charities that need our donations.

Doors open at 5:30 pm. Program starts at 6:30 pm to allow more time for those traveling to the event from work.

The Derrick Golf and Winter Club is graciously hosting the meeting again for us.

Lots of parking is available. We look forward to seeing everyone tonight January 25, 2017. Don’t forget to bring your BLANK $100 cheque or money order or cash as well as any cheques belonging to buddies who are unable to make it. Remember, we will be voting on one charity but if you like any of the other charities feel free to bring more than one cheque as I know the 2 non-recipient charities would welcome any support that they receive as well.

If for some reason you cannot make this meeting, you MUST get your cheque to your buddy or DONATE ONLINE. If all members honor their commitment we should be able to write a cheque tonight for over $10,000.00.

As you may have heard today is  Bell’s Lets Talk Day

Let’s end the stigma. Let’s talk about mental health.

For every tweet using #BellLetsTalk, Bell will donate 5¢ more to the cause.

Stigma adds to suffering.

One of the biggest hurdles for anyone suffering from mental illness is overcoming the stigma. It is the number one reason why two-thirds of those living with a mental illness do not seek help.

Only one-third of those who need mental health-related services in Canada will receive treatment, often due to the stigma associated with mental illness or because they simply do not have access to programs in their community.

Mental health is the leading cause of workplace disability in Canada and represents 15% of Canada’s burden of disease.

If you, a friend or a family member are in crisis please go to your local hospital or call 911 immediately. If you or a family member is experiencing distress, call one of the networks below for support or guidance on seeking help in your area and for your condition. Speak to someone there is help available.

Kids Help Phone


Canadian Mental Health Association

Crisis 24 hours: (780) 482-HELP (4357)

As members of 100 Men YEG we care about our community and also need to care about ourselves.  Tweet today using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk and if you are dealing with mental health issues you are not alone. Seek help and talk about how mental illness touches us all in some way directly or through a friend, family member or colleague. Stories of lived experience are the best way to help eradicate stigma.

Support mental health and anti-stigma programs in your community.

100 Men YEG