April 25, 2018

Last Tuesday we had a great meeting and heard from 3 great Charites.

We were short members in the room and are short subsequent donations online.  If you can get your donation in online HERE the charity of the night will be most appreciative.   If you can not continue to make the commitment to 100 Men YEG please at the bottom of this email unsubscribe.

Now on to what happened at the meeting.

We opened up with Gord Sheppard Mc’ing for us, doing a great job in his new role.  Thanks Gord!

Returning Recipient:

We received a thank you letter supplied by Today Family Violence Help Centre in which it read “ 100 Men YEG is helping provide emergency gift cards for individuals to meet their basic needs, or to flee to safety”.

Please read the thank you letter we received HERE

1) Angels Anonymous

We grant wish’s for terminally ill adults and make dreams requiring travel come true. The majority of dreams requested involve children whose parents are desperately trying to create one final positive memory for their family to hold onto after they are gone. A dream can be as simple as seeing a dear friend one last time, keeping a promise to young children for a special family trip, or returning to a place of meaningful childhood memories. To date we have been able to fulfill every wish we have received.


2) Compassion House Foundation

They strive to ease the distress of the cancer journey by supporting women who must leave their homes for cancer care. We create a sanctuary of healing support. We make it our mission to support women fighting cancer by providing safe, comfortable and affordable accommodations during their cancer journey.  Through 14 rooms at the house they have served 225 women from Alberta communities in 2017.


3) YouCan Youth Services

YouCan works with at risk youth who encounter barriers to success because they are living in harms way. Our work strives to move them out of harms way, and on a path to economic independence.  Our three desired outcomes for out youth are to stay in school, transition back into school, or transition into employment. We engage young people to transform their lives by interrupting the cycle of harm


Recipient of the Night

The charity that was the chosen recipient of the night by the members on hand was, YouCan Youth Service. One program that was highlighted was the Relentless Youth Workers that stop at nothing — within reasonable measures, to reach out to youth and empower them in making positive, healthy and life changing decisions. Relentless Youth Workers aim to build long-term relationships with the youth as they move through the Stages of Change model with the goal that they will eventually live independently and out of harm’s way.

If you missed the meeting, please donate online at: Donate

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