Recap of Fall 100 Men YEG Meeting

October 25, 2017

Just last Wednesday 100 Men YEG members met to hear from three deserving charities.

If you didn’t get an opportunity to attend, you can still donate your $100 via this link: It’s never too late, and if everyone who has committed to this quarterly donation follows through, the impact will be even better!

So on with it, what happened?

Returning Recipient:

First, SACE came back and told us how they allocated the $15K they received from us at our last meeting.
Please read the thank you letter we received HERE

Brain Care Centre

Brain Care Centre (BCC) is a not for profit organization that offers services and programs, at no cost to adults (18+) who have sustained an acquired brain injury and their families.
As a leader for excellence in brain care, we Defy Limitations!
We are a source of hope for those impacted by brain injury, in providing a compassionate continuum of brain care services from prevention to reintegration.
We establish client-driven partnerships and linkages, and educate the community about comprehensive brain care.

Kids On Track

This year, Kids On Track celebrates 25 years of service in Edmonton. We are a volunteer driven, grassroots community organization with a passion to offer hope, direction and support to kids, youth and parents. We provide opportunities to families whose socioeconomic situations have made it difficult for them to access the services they need for the optimal development of their kids. Through educational, social and recreational activities, kids and youth cultivate enriching relationships with inspiring mentors who encourage them in the development of their character, leadership and life skills.

Kids On Track youth are empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices and to become positive, responsible, contributing citizens in their community.

Saffron Centre

SAFFRON Centre’s mandate is to provide counselling services to persons who have suffered from sexual assault, abuse and sexual violence, as well as those person who have been affected by sexual assault (e.g. support persons, family members, etc., of someone who has experienced sexual assault) and also to provide proactive education regarding sexual assault, abuse and sexual violence to all individuals and to change attitudes, beliefs and myths surrounding sexual assault.

Saffron Centre is working to support the healing and empowerment of those who have been affected by sexual assault, abuse and sexual violence; and to promote change in attitudes, beliefs and social norms.

Recipient of the Night
The charity that was the chosen recipient of the night by the members on hand was, the Brain Care Centre (BCC). The BCC was chosen as everyone in attendance by way of a show of hands has had a friend or family member effected by some affliction to the brain. BCC has many support programs for those with a brain injury and also support for family members who are looking after or assisting in rehabilitating someone with a brain injury.

If you missed the meeting, please donate online at: Donate

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