Meeting Recap – 100 Men YEG

January 29, 2016

What a night it was Wednesday!!  One hundred dollars from more than a hundred men can make a big impact. This was very evident as we surpassed $100K in donations to local YEG charities.  Pretty damn amazing!

If you didn’t get an opportunity to attend, you can still donate your $100 via this link:   It’s never too late, and if everyone who has committed to this quarterly donation follows through, the impact will be even better!

So on with it, what happened?

Returning Recipient

To start the night off we heard from HIV Edmonton and they informed us as to how they have allocated the $16.8k they received from 100YEG MEN at our last meeting. It was very touching to hear that our donations came at a crucial time when the doors were close to closing as funding and donations had declined in 2015. Our donations have kept their doors open! HIV Edmonton has a vision of Zero: Zero new HIV infections, Zero stigma and discrimination and Zero AIDS related deaths… This vision may seem lofty but they know they can get to Zero.

If anyone doubted why 100 Men YEG exists, this is EXACTLY why we do what we do, we made a difference with HIV Edmonton. All in all, the money was put to good use and we’re grateful they came back to tell us how the money was used.

The evenings 3 Charities:

  • Lurana Shelter Society is a registered, charitable organization serving victims of domestic violence in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas. They provide critical services and programming intended to reduce the impact of exposure to family violence. Their goal is to decrease the incidence, reoccurrence and intergenerational cycle of domestic violence through education, counseling and support for victims of all ages. Services are aimed at supporting families to make positive changes in their lives and are provided through three programming umbrellas:

Safe, secure shelter, emergency services and advocacy

Innovative Child Care

Adult & Youth Outreach Services

  • Selections Career Support Services is an Edmonton-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in volunteer and employment settings. Selections supports individuals to achieve their career choices while connecting with and making valuable contributions to their communities, vocationally and socially.

Their roots were laid in Edmonton over 35 years ago, where they quickly established themselves as a leader in the disability services field, becoming the first local agency of their kind to break from a traditional, segregated training site model in favour of the inclusive, community-based model they boast today. They continue to demonstrate their commitment to celebrating the inherent dignity and self-worth of the individuals they serve to this day, working alongside more than 120 employment partners to develop and expand to best meet the needs of this demographic. In response to overwhelming demand from secondary schools, Selections has introduced its Youth Employment Program (YEP) to provide students with developmental disabilities with the opportunity to participate in mainstream work experience programs, from which they are otherwise excluded. YEP facilitates the development of inclusive workplaces, with the added benefit of supporting inclusive educational environments through the utilisation of peer support volunteers, who serve as friendly faces both on the worksite and at school.

  • The Rainbow Society of Alberta is dedicated to granting wishes for children between the ages of 3 and 18 who reside in Alberta and have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or severe chronic medical illness. For a child who’s sick, having a wish come true can be the catalyst to help them feel better emotionally and physically, giving them the increased strength and courage to battle their illness and the challenges they face daily. Look deeper than the actual wish and you will see the true spirit of the child. A wish fills their heart with hope and happiness, from the adventure seeking 6 year-old wishing to escape his wheelchair to experience the thrill of a Disney ride, to the 11 year-old dreaming of an adapted bicycle so she can “be normal” and ride to school with her friends. Each wish is unique to the child that has the courage to dream.

Recipient of the Night

The charity that was the chosen recipient of the night was the Lurana Shelter Society. They truly are helping in an area that needs constant attention with a goal to eradicate domestic violence.  The gut wrenching story that was conveyed to us about a 6 year old boy watching his mother being beaten and drowned by his father only to be saved due to the heroic call he made to 911.  This happened just prior to Christmas and the family needed to use the Safe and Secure housing provided by Lurana Shelter.  After hearing this story we know very well our $13.4K given to Lurana Shelter that night will make a Big Impact.

If you missed the meeting please donate online at: Donate

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