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October 19, 2015

What an incredible week. While the news may have focused on the greatest 7th inning in Major League Baseball history, 100 Men YEG was quietly doing good work as well. If you are one of the many 100 Men YEG members caught up in Jays fever and didn’t make it out to our meeting, we forgive you. But now it’s time to focus back on our community.

On October 14th, we heard from 3 exceptional Edmonton charities and one of them walked away with over $11,000. With over 250 members in our organization, however, we have a long way to go to break our expected $20,000+ in donations.

If you haven’t donated, we need you to head over right now to our October 14th Tilt page ( and get your donation in.

A Recap of the meeting on Oct. 14 for those not in attendance:

100 Men YEG welcomed representatives from Autism Edmonton, Caritas Foundation, and HIV Edmonton to provide education and insights in to their charitable activities.

Autism Edmonton: Since April 1971, Autism Edmonton (previously known as the Autism Society of Edmonton Area) has been providing services and support to people living with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Edmonton’s work addresses many different needs including family support, community engagement, professional consultation, local research support, and advocacy for families and individuals affected by autism.

Caritas Foundation: The Caritas Foundation raises funds to support leading edge healthcare programs, services, equipment, research and education at Covenant Health’s Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, the Grey Nuns Community Hospital, and the Misericordia Community Hospital. The focus of the 100 Men YEG presentation was on their current campaign to raise funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Redevelopment at the Misericordia Community Hospital.

HIV Edmonton: Science and medicine have changed HIV from a death sentence to a life sentence however; the mere mention of the word HIV can instantly change interactions. HIV Edmonton has a vision of Zero: Zero new HIV infections, Zero stigma and discrimination and Zero AIDS related deaths. HIV Edmonton works to achieve this vision by developing educational resources for community organizations, healthcare professionals and the general public; developing and delivering prevention, health promotion and support programs; and providing a voice for people living with, and affected by HIV and AIDS.

In the end, the 82 members in attendance felt that our donations would be most impactful if provided to… HIV Edmonton.

With just over 80 members in attendance, the cheque provided at the meeting was still in excess of $11,000, thanks to more than 30 of our members who were unable to attend but utilized the TILT on-line donation system. However, $11,000 was less than half of the anticipated amount based on membership numbers. Please get your donation in so that HIV Edmonton can maximize the fantastic work that they are doing. (

In addition, to hearing from these three great initiatives, we also had some new announcements.

The local accounting office of BDO Edmonton has stepped forward to sponsor an additional $1000 cash prizes for our two non-recipient charities. As a result, Caritas Foundation and Autism Edmonton walked away with donations from our sponsors of $1000 cash, as well as over $2000 of in-kind donations in direct mail, print, network IT, and meeting facilitation services.

As well, the idea to gather new or gently used sweaters at the meeting was a big success. The collection table was full and fellow member Cory Clendenning committed to distributing the sweaters to local shelters on behalf of 100 Men YEG.

Well done Sponsors and Members!

The next meeting at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club will take place on January 27, 2016 and we hope to have a full room as three more deserving charities look for our compassion and help.

100 Men YEG