Happy Holiday Wishes – 100 Men YEG

December 23, 2015

Holiday Wishes

Started with an idea to bring together 100 plus Edmontonians under one roof for the welfare of the community, 100 Men YEG encourages every individual to make a positive change in our society. Our goal was simple and realistic, resulting in members’ contributing close to $100K to local charities in just one year. It shows that our members are willing to step up and provide service to the community, to do charitable work as we can, and to care about the people who need help the most.

We work as fund raisers and invite everyone else to do the same. Our focus has always been on how we can play our part to make a tiny difference in someone’s life. You never know how a single contribution may turn the tables for charities struggling to finance good work. 100 Men YEG sends out love to all during this holiday and Christmas season, and wish everyone a beautiful year ahead.

We look forward to meeting up again with all members on January 27, 2016.  Until then have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

100 Men YEG