Growing the Cause – 100 Men YEG

June 26, 2015

Growing the Cause

On May 26th we held our first meeting of the 100 Men YEG Advisory Committee. The committee consists of 20 members who came forward after the last 100 Men YEG meeting with a desire to make our fundraising group even better.

It was interesting to hear varied visions of our members. While some liked the fact that the group was small and “organic”, others had visions of 5,000 members and $500,000 in quarterly donations. It was an exciting dialogue around the potential of our group to improve the fortunes of local charities. Here are just a few of the ideas that came out of the Advisory Committee meeting:

*Secure corporate sponsors to match all or a portion of quarterly donations

*Each current member signs up two others which would instantly take the group to over 700 members.

*Secure a media partner to help further promote 100 Men YEG.

*More effectively utilize social media to spread the word.

While we heard some lofty goals, the reality is that membership growth is slowing slightly. To continue to have maximum impact in our community, we are hoping to kick-start the next growth phase for 100 MEN YEG

Please take a few minutes to invite some of the great Edmontonians that you know. Every new member means another $100 provide to a great Edmonton charity.

See you on July 15th.

100 Men YEG