Follow-Up to Wednesdays Meeting

July 17, 2015

What a fantastic evening Wednesday night’s meeting was.

We had 125 men who showed up and the night was a success. If you didn’t get an opportunity to attend you can still donate your $100 via this link: It’s never too late!

Our meeting opened with a returning recipient Sport Central.

We heard from Sheldon Olesksyn the Executive Director who told us how our donation was used to purchase more than 500 hockey helmets as used helmets cannot be passed on. Many under privileged children will be able to play hockey this coming winter because of your donations. Sport Central is the 4th busiest bike shop in Edmonton, but without a cash register. All repairs are done via volunteers with the average bike costing $12 to tune up and get into proper working condition.

The 3 chosen charities for the evening were as follows:
1. Centre for Family Literacy – @4familyliteracy

The Centre for Family Literacy was the first in Canada to focus on the development of literacy within the family context. Our mission is to build, develop, and improve literacy with families and communities. The mandate of the Centre is to: develop and deliver family and adult literacy programs in the Alberta Capital region; provide training and resources to family literacy professionals in Alberta and across the country; raise awareness surrounding the importance of literacy and its impact on individuals, families and communities; serve as the location for intensive and long-term research on the effectiveness of family literacy programs; and pilot and implement innovative new approaches to learning and education.

As a literacy leader in Canada, we provide a continuum of services that enable individuals and families to participate at any stage of literacy development. In the past year, over 13,000 Alberta adults and children have accessed our programs, training, and services including 5,885 in Edmonton.

2. Kids with Cancer Society @KWCSyeg

The Kids with Cancer Society was established by a group of parents in 1979. Today with a small staff and low overhead we provide 55 programs and services at no cost to families. We support families at the time of diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and during bereavement. No other charity provides what we do. We meet the family at the hospital when they are newly diagnosed and provide a lifeline when their world has been turned upside down. We offer everything from a respite home, someone to talk to, help paying their bills, support programs and activities that normalize their lives. Our philosophy is that we must never forget that we are treating the child not just the cancer.

3. Little Warriors – @Littlewarriors

Little Warriors is committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. We are committed to:
· Providing awareness and information about child sexual abuse.
· Providing child sexual abuse prevention strategies to adults through education.
· Providing information about healing and support resources.
· Providing a treatment facility to help children cope with the devastating effects of child sexual abuse.

Tonight’s Recipient

Of the 3 fantastic charities presented last night, the guys chose Little Warriors to take advantage of the $16,300.

We are very excited for them and look forward to finding out how the money helped them reach their honorable goals.

So there it is, 1.5hrs and lives changed.

We would like to thank Ribstone Creek Brewery for donating a boatload of beers for the guys and the Derrick Golf and Winter Club, for the location and support!

Thanks guys, you’ll hear from us soon!

100 Men YEG