Fantastic Inaugural Meeting!! – 100 Men YEG

October 16, 2014

What a Fantastic Evening!!

112 members joined in listening to 3 well deserving charities. Thank you to all who attended.  Although only one of the three charities was selected, it was a difficult choice and I think you’ll agree that all three deserve as much recognition as possible.

100 Men Who Give a Damn! – YEG choose Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS)

Our group comprised of over 100 men (and women) from YEG and beyond, celebrated the successful one night- one hour meeting by awarding YESS individual cheques with a cumulative value in excess of $11,000.

We will be following up directly with the members who didn’t make the meeting to ensure that their donations make it to YESS.

The other two groups which presented to the audience included CaliCan Rescue Foundation and the Edmonton Rite to Learn Foundation.

“The success of tonight exceeded our wildest expectations,” says group leader, Dwight Lester. “We heard from three exceptional local organizations, and our attendees had a difficult choice to make.”

Our organization garnered enough attention to bring out two media outlets which included CTV News and Shaw Communications. Both were extremely impressed with our initiative and are preparing follow-up stories which include 100MenYEG and all three of the charitable groups that were selected. Please be sure to listen to these stories and pass them onto others so they can truly see the impact we are going to make.

As we saw at the meeting, the power of many will be able to make big impacts for local charities. We have 3 months until the next meeting; we challenge all members to find a buddy, a work colleague to join the cause.

Considering that we were at 130 members for our first meeting- just imagine where we could be in a year or more!

Let do this!!

100 Men YEG