Fall Meeting Recap – 100 Men YEG

November 1, 2016

Less than one week ago 100 Men YEG members met to hear from three deserving charities.

We are aware there was lots happening in the city that effected our turn out.  If you didn’t get an opportunity to attend, you can still donate your $100 via this link: http://100menyeg.com/donate/   It’s never too late, and if everyone who has committed to this quarterly donation follows through, the impact will be even better!

Returning Recipient

First, WINhouse Women’s Shelter came back and told us how they allocated the $23,450.00 they received from us at our last meeting.  

Our support truly empowers the families in their shelters to move forward with their lives after they have left very difficult emergency situations behind.   In 2015 they helped 776 women and children flee family violence providing a safe place in one of their three houses.


Kids Kottage

Mission:  Kids Kottage helps to ensure that children receive the care they deserve when their families are in crisis or in need of respite, helping them to reach their full potential.

 We believe every child deserves to be safe!  Kids Kottage is Edmonton’s only 24-hour crisis nursery.  For the past 21years we have supported families in crisis preventing child abuse and neglect.  We care for 1,500 children for up to 72 hours, free of charge, from infancy to ten years of age, annually at the Kottage.  Our Follow-Up Worker continues to work with the families on deeper issues, offering parent learning and family social groups, a food security program and/or a referral to a specialized respite for caregivers whose children are impacted by ‘Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’.   Our vision is to keep children safe and strengthen families. 


Pilgrims Hospice Society

Pilgrims Hospice Society – Compassion for the Journey, Support for Families

Our mission: Pilgrims Hospice Society provides supportive and compassionate family-centered care to enhance the quality and dignity of life for those diagnosed with a progressive life threatening illness, as well as solace to those who are bereaved.

 Our programs and services are designed to support a total care model that focuses on psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing, as well as physical symptoms, until natural death occurs.

 Care for caregivers is an extremely important aspect of Hospice services, as many families struggle with enormous burdens when one of their own faces serious illness. That care extends to families beyond death, as they experience bereavement of their loved one. Grief support is available for children, teens, adults and whole families.


Sustainable Food Edmonton

Sustainable Food Edmonton supports urban agriculture and operates three programs including the Little Green Thumbs program. This program provides Edmonton elementary classrooms with the training, equipment and support to grow vegetables and herbs from seed to harvest in an indoor setting. Teachers and students work together to plant seeds, tend the garden and share their excitement with other classes and their families. The indoor garden provides opportunities to learn from practical, hands-on experiences, including where food comes from, science and math concepts and skills, nutrition, art, language development, cooperation, problem solving and much more. Teachers love the indoor garden as a learning tool and appreciate the free replacement materials, ongoing support and volunteer help they can access through Sustainable Food Edmonton.


Recipient of the Night

The charity that was the chosen recipient of the night by the members on hand was, the Pilgrims Hospice Society.   This charity supports many but there isn’t any happy ending as they are dealing with many with serious life ending illnesses. This is most difficult on employees and the families of the loved ones utilizing the Hospice services. The $10K + given to will make a Big Impact.

If you missed the meeting, please donate online at: Donate

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