Edmonton Sun Article – 100 Men YEG

October 4, 2014

A big thanks to Marty Forbes of the Edmonton Sun for the article he did on 100 Men YEG. Anyone who knows Marty knows he is involved with many many charities in the city.  It will be great to see Marty on Oct. 15 as Marty has joined the 100 Men YEG cause. Marty gives a damn! Be sure to check out the article Marty has written in the Edmonton Sun   !

100 Men YEG is currently at 118 members but we are always looking for more. More members means more money on Oct. 15 for a local YEG charity.

Please continue to spread the word to your work mates, friends and family members. Imagine if each one of us brought a friend to the meeting – we would double in size and make an even bigger impact on our YEG community.

100 Men YEG