Congratulations 100 Men YEG members……

February 19, 2015

Congratulations 100 Men YEG members – you’re almost above average!

According to today’s “The Owl” report from ATB’s chief economist Todd Hirsch, the median charitable donation in Alberta was $420 in 2013. As a 100 Men YEG member you’ve committed to providing $400 to charity this year, which puts you right in line with other this average.

As with most news, though, the key details tend to come at the end. As Mr. Hirsch points out, when we take in to account income levels, Albertans are far from being the most generous. As a result, may we suggest three things:

1. If you’ve made a 2015 New Year’s resolution for charitable giving, now is the time to review and ensure you are on track. Our quarterly meetings are a good reminder, but if there is an organization that you are committed to supporting consider setting up small, monthly, automatic donations that you don’t have to think about. With the economy turning down, our charities will need as much support as we can muster, and small automatic donations will make it easy for you to hit your goal.

2. Consider bringing an extra cheque (or two) to our next event on April 22nd. If you provided $25 each to our two non-recipient charities, you would push yourself above the average and do a lot of good.

3. If you haven’t set a goal, or if you don’t plan on giving outside of your current commitment to 100 Men YEG, consider setting aside some time to volunteer with your favourite organization. This won’t be tracked as a charitable donation, as Mr. Hirsch acknowledges, but every charity will tell you that volunteers are just as important as dollars.

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