Charities Win With 100 Men YEG

May 15, 2015

100 Men YEG Helps in Many Ways

As you know the purpose of 100 Men YEG is to make a big impact for local YEG charities. We have been able to make an immense difference thus far and will continue to grow and make even more of an impact moving forward.

The other opportunity for our members is being able to hear from many local charities that we may not have known about prior to hearing them at our meetings. And although we select one recipient for the member’s cheques each meeting a great deal of our members have supported the other presenting charities as well based on hearing of their struggles for funding or for programs they run.

At our winter meeting we heard from Alberta Adaptabilities who was not the recipient of the night but had a very compelling presentation on the needs of their summer programs for children with special needs and challenges. They have been renting an inflatable bouncy castle each summer and thought it would be great to be able to purchase their own and then rent the castle out when they are not using it.

From this meeting one of our members took those words to heart and met with another group he is a part of, the International Order of Old Bastards. Through our members discussion with this group they were able to provide Alberta Adaptabilities a cheque for $2500.00 to put towards their summer bouncy castle needs. This is absolutely fantastic to hear!!! The exposure the charities receive in front of the 100 Men YEG members is far reaching.

We know there will be many more inspiring stories like this in the future as 100 Men YEG members continue to make a big impact in our community.

100 Men YEG