7 Days Until Winter Meeting – 100 Men YEG

January 18, 2017

We need your help & each member can make a difference!

In just 7 days the members of 100 Men YEG will meet again at the Derrick Golf and Country Club on January 25, 2017.

Our GOAL that night is to GIVE over $10,000 to ONE CHARITY in ONE HOUR!

This is where each member can help to make this goal a reality.

Please help by taking 30 seconds to Cut and Paste the below email text and send it to 3 friends who are not currently 100 Men YEG members.

With your help, we can change the fortunes of local charities.

Cut and Paste then Email:



Please take a look and listen to the links below. I’m very excited to have joined the 100 Men YEG movement where we’re working to have big impacts in very little time with many $100 donations.

On January 25th my group – 100 Men YEG – is hoping to raise over $10,000 for ONE CHARITY in just ONE HOUR.

The first link below is an interview with CBC Edmonton AM where one of our founders describes the concept.

CBC 100 Men YEG Interview


The second link takes you to the 100 Men YEG website’s “Join Us” page. Please consider joining. It will be one of your most memorable hours all year.


Join 100 Men YEG


100 Men YEG