7 Days Until 100 Men YEG Meeting

October 7, 2014

You, My Friend, Are A Very Special Man

You are not just one of 100+ Men Who Give A Damn! We know that you are also on the edge of your chair with anticipation for October 15th. And you should be (if we do say so ourselves): the night promises to include great people and exceptional Edmonton charities.

Before we give you the night’s schedule, we must thank you again for joining the cause. We currently have 119 members like you who give a damn about local YEG charities!

On to business:

Remember the pinky-promise you made on joining? If you can’t attend the meeting, you committed to get your blank $100 cheque or money order to us at the meeting or through another arrangement (buddy).

We encourage you to invite a friend who can bring your cheque to the meeting but please remember: all attendees MUST first join the group, either beforehand online (www.100menYEG.com ) or at the door.

The program for Wednesday’s meeting:

5:30     Registration: Distribute ballots and confirm the cheques that you have with you. Cash bar open.

5:55     Take your seats.

6:00     Welcome, Introductions, and a Re-cap on How It Works

6:15     Charity pitch #1 (5 minutes)

6:20     Charity pitch #2 (5 minutes)

6:25     Charity pitch #3 (5 minutes)

6:30     Voting

6:45     Announcement of tonight’s recipient – Members complete their cheques

6:50     Collection of Members’ cheques

6:55     Thunderous applause as giant cheque is presented to the recipient charity.

7:00     Post-event reception, Meet the charities, and Cash bar.

7:30     Wrap-up

Our next e-blast, in a few days’ time, will tell you more about the venue and parking, so sit tight. Most questions can be answered with our How it Works page, but drop as a note if you need any help.

As always, please tell your friends why you give a damn, and suggest they do so too – www.100MenYEG.com

See you at the meeting!