Update – 100 Men YEG

January 4, 2015

Welcome to the New Year friends!

2015 promises to be a great one for our little group. Over the past few months we’ve grown to 155 committed members at our January 21st meeting. We’re quickly becoming not-so-little, which means even more money for local charities.

With only 2.5 weeks until our next event, we’re getting REALLY excited. What can you do to prepare?

Four ideas:

1)     Ensure you have January 21st from 530pm – 730pm in your calendar.

2)     Stay tuned for more emails describing what will happen on the 21st.

3)     We could also use a pre & post meeting appetizer sponsor. ($250 – $500)

4)      See below for some additional help that we need.

Currently our charity with the most votes receives all of the $100 cheques that members commit each quarter. At the moment that ensures the charity receives at least $15,500 ($100 x 155 members). We’ve also arranged for some key cash and in-kind sponsorship for our other presenting charities thanks to One to One Mailing, Capital Colour, and SC Systems.

However, one of our members has made an amazing suggestion that we find a matching sponsor that would provide money to the two non-recipient charities. Please let us know if you or your company can help so that we can create even more impact with 100 Men YEG.

Here’s how this might work. Let’s assume we grow to 200 members by our Jan. 21st meeting which would equal $20,000 in quarterly donations:

1)      The charity with the most votes would receive all $20,000 (200 x $100 member cheques).

2)      One to One Mailing, Capital Colour, and SC Systems would still provide in-kind services to the other  two charities.

3)      The new matching sponsor would also provide $10,000 each to these two charities.

Alternatively, we could also have 2 matching sponsors of $10,000 each which in total ($10,000 X 2) would provide a matching donation equal to the members’ amount.

The model is a work in progress, but we love the idea of getting $30,000 or $40,000 per quarter in to the hands of locally focused charities. If you know a company that would like to help do that by being a part of 100 Men YEG, please let us know.

Contact us at info@100menyeg.com for thoughts, comments, suggestions.

See you on the 21st!

100 Men YEG