3 Days To Go – 100 Men YEG

January 19, 2015


3 Days to Go!!!

We need to crank up the membership numbers! Sitting at 164 currently and would like to have 200 for Wednesday. I know every member has a buddy, a work mate who would join if the opportunity was presented to them.

Victoria B.C. – 250 members

St. Johns NL – 182 members

Halifax – 198 members

All these chapters are in cities less than a quarter of the population of Greater Edmonton and in St John’s case one tenth the population of Edmonton.

Lets’ make January 21st a $20,000. Night for a local charity.

Remember if you can’t make the meeting you still need to have a cheque at the meeting. Have a buddy take it or arrange to have it picked up.

Where: Derrick Golf & Country Club – 3500 -119 Street.

When: Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Alcohol: There will be 100 beers donated by Ribstone Creek Brewery! Thanks to Mark Boulter for hooking us up. These beers will be sold for $6.00 each with the proceeds going to charity that night. Other beers and sprits will be available at the bar.

Food: Appetizers are being supplied

Dinner: For those who are hungry after the meeting the Spike Bar and Lounge at the Derrick will be open for us, please drop into the lounge after for a fantastic meal.

100 Men YEG